Casio is the first cash register manufacturer in the world to adopt an Antimicrobial coating for our new series of ECR models: This is an industry FIRST! Casio is compliant to ISO 22196, the International Standard on Antimicrobial Products.

What are Anti-bacterials?

They are agents used to disinfect surfaces and eliminate potentially harmful bacteria. Common Antibacterials leave long-acting residues on the surface of products to be disinfected and thus have a long-term effectiveness

How and where are they being used?

Recently Anti-bacterial agents have been bonded into surfaces of many different products that people come in contact with, such as plastic kitchen tools, cutting boards, highchairs, toys, bedding, fabrics and computer keyboards and now on Casio cash register keyboards.

In the past these agents have been used in healthcare facilities to control organisms that produce diseases.

Why on cash register keyboards?

Because hands and fingers are a common way of transmitting harmful bacteria and therefore diseases and because many different people touch a cash register keyboard every day, this technology seemed perfect to aid in the control of spreading disease at the workplace.

How does it work?

The antimicrobial agent is bonded to the cash register keyboard surface and inhibits the growth of bacteria. The agent and its effect on bacteria is designed to last throughout the life of the cash register.

What are the benefits?

Healthier, happier and more productive employees with fewer sick days.

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