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What is Sterling Bridge?

Sterling Bridge is an online web service facilitating or bridging the gap between cash register and computer via wireless or a hard wired internet connection. Sales data from a single store or via multiple stores is transmitted LIVE via the internet to Sterling's servers. Log in from anywhere with internet access to view sales for your store(s) as they happen. View sales by PLU, department, cashier, etc. Many reports and functions available. Plus, store a back-up of your program in the Cloud to make changes, and then download those changes to any store needed.

Why get a cash register with Sterling Bridge over POS?

A cash register purchased from combined with Sterling Bridge is a reliable and stable way to run your business. Plus this package is much more cost effective over purchasing a Windows based POS system. How? Quite simply, cash registers are stable, and do not crash. You do not need to worry about down time or frustrated customers waiting in line as you would if your POS system crashes. Historically when your Windows based POS system does crash or have other technical issues, you will need to pay for a local tech to come in to trouble shoot the system which can cost hundreds of dollars per visit. However many POS dealers will offer yearly service contracts for support, but they can be very costly. Cash registers are much easier to support, and this can be done quite easily over the phone by our trained technical staff. offers FREE lifetime tech support on the cash register, and Sterling Payment Technologies offer FREE tech support on the Bridge software. Simply stated, we have you covered at no additional cost.

Sterling Bridge combined with a cash register gives you reliability with many POS features for the least amount of investment. Plus, we are here to help you in the years to come as your partners in success.

How do I get Sterling Bridge?

It is a simple process! Just sign up for credit card processing with Sterling Payment Technologies. They offer competitive pricing on processing rates. If you have processing already, then they can provide you with a free rate review. We would work with Sterling to ensure you get a lower rate.

Once you are processing with Sterling, you will have 24/7 access to Sterling's servers via the Cloud to access sales reporting from anywhere you have internet access. Free tech support is provided to get you acquainted with the program, and help with any other programming or training issues.

What are the advantages of having Sterling Bridge?

  • Easy learning curve and smart graphical interfaces
  • Increase sales and move customers through your check out lines quicker
  • Access and manage multiple ECRs from anywhere via the Cloud
  • Deploy ECRs anywhere, even in areas where hard-to-wire internet access is limited or unavailable
  • For wireless credit card processing, Verizon is used with excellent national coverage
  • Receive daily summary reports emailed to you automatically
  • Get the capabilities of an expensive POS system without breaking the bank
  • Go online and retrieve historical data anytime and from anywhere
  • Save time and money with remote access to all your locations
  • Convenient online access from home or on the road
  • View reports from one or many stores without traveling to each location
  • Manage integrity of your products/pricing/taxes across locations and ECRs
  • Quicker checkout with high-speed communication device
  • 2 second authorizations
  • Move customers through check out lines faster
  • Shorter lines means more sales and improved customer satisfaction

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