Sterling Bridge - Process credit cards remotely on the Verizon network via a cash register!


What is Sterling Bridge?

Sterling Bridge is an online web service facilitating or bridging the gap between a cash register sending sales data to a computer via wireless or a hard wired internet connection. Sales data from a single remote location or via multiple locations can be transmitted LIVE via the internet to Sterling's servers. Log in from anywhere with internet access to view sales for your store(s) as they happen. View sales by PLU, department, cashier, etc. Many reports and functions available. Plus, store a back-up of your program in the Cloud to make changes, and then download those changes to any store needed.

Why is this a great solution for my mobile business?

Most mobile businesses such as food trucks, farmer's markets, etc either have to use cash only which can limit sales due to the high amount of people using credit cards today, or you will have to use a tablet system which is limited in itself. Sterling Bridge with the wireless TS890 terminal will process credit cards, and send sales data to the cloud. Sales reporting and program management can be maintained and monitored via Sterling's secure web portal. With a sturdy cash register you get stability and reliability, and a drawer to store your cash. Print receipts which most customers do not expect from a mobile business such as a food truck. offers FREE lifetime tech support on the cash register, and Sterling Payment Technologies offer FREE tech support on the Bridge software. Simply stated, we have you covered at no additional cost.

Sterling Bridge combined with a cash register gives you reliability with many POS features for the least amount of investment. Plus, we are here to help you in the years to come as your partners in success.

One System for all Payments

  • Cash, credit and debit cards
  • No stand-beside terminals
  • Reliable and durable equipment
  • Easy for staff to use

Sell Products Anywhere

  • Wired and wireless
  • Permanent, seasonal or temporary locations
  • Inside or outside installations
  • Kiosks, carts, tents, mobile trailers

Web Reporting and Management

  • View, analyze, export sales data from any internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Update multiple registers online instead of manually at ECR locations

What merchants say...

"The wireless connection is incredibly fast. My truck can produce meals for up to 400, and the ECR and wireless modem make it possible to serve that many people quickly. Customers love my food, but they also like not waiting in line to pay for it. The ECR receipts have been a huge plus as customers don't expect receipts from a food truck. I've been really happy with this solution, but what really matters is that my customers are happy."

Roberto Zanti / Owner/Chef / Roberto's Truckatoria / St. Louis, Missouri

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