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TS890 Features

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What is the Smart ECR?

The Smart ECR is an all in one EMV solution. Integrate a Sam4s cash register into a TS890 hard wired or wireless credit card terminal.

  • Converts Sam4s cash registers into EMV enabled devices
  • EMV chip cards protect against fraud and costly chargebacks
  • Easy installation via proprietary plug-and-play app from Sterling
  • Wireless option makes it perfect for hard-to-wire locations
  • Supports EMV tip adjust in restaurant mode
  • Option for Sterling Bridge upgrade for online sales reporting
  • Bypass expensive and complicated Datacap equipment


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Which cash register models are part of the Smart ECR series? sells and supports the following models:

  • ER-285M
  • ER-900 Series
  • SPS-300 Series

Smart ECR is a tablet killer

  • With tablets, everything is a la carte or add-on. Tablets get very expensive. Smart ECR includes everything for one low price.
  • Smart ECR offers lower processing rates than standard companies promoting tablets.
  • Processing rates are locked in. Your rate will NEVER go up!
  • Faster processing speeds. Only 2.75 seconds per EMV card transaction.
  • You own the cash register. Most tablets you pay monthly for the service.
  • Cash register is durable unlike fragile tablets.
  • Free lifetime support. No monthly or single incident support fees like most tablets!

What are the features of the TS890 credit card terminal?

  • Contact chip card reader for the evolving world of payment processing and EMV
  • PCI-PTS 3.0 Certified - "Out of scope" of PCI because the terminal does NOT collect, process or store credit card data
  • NFC chip card reader supports contactless EMV transactions and digital wallets, including Apple Pay®
  • Compact design keeps countertops free of clutter
  • High contrast screen with bold menu prompts, making it easy to read
  • Durable backlit keypad designed for simple usage in any environment

What are the benefits of this package?

  • Deployed EMV-enabled from Sterling: Plug and play installation. Terminal is integrated with the cash register.
  • Reduce costs associated with chargebacks: Provides protection against card fraud.
  • Affordable, dependable, secure and fast: Addresses the complexity of EMV with a single device. Less points of failure! Process transactions in 2 seconds compared to industry standard of 11 seconds!
  • Give customers more options to pay: Allows for debit, gift and EMV card acceptance.

Easy Installation!

Literally only 4 easy steps!

  • Connect TS890 port A to port 1 on cash register
  • Connect TS890 port B to port 2 on cash register
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to the internet
  • Plug in TS890 to power outlet

The perfect wireless option

SmartECR® uses the largest and most reliable data network in the U.S. to provide fast, secure payment processing.

Installation of EMV solutions is complex. SmartECR® solves this since it's leaded with a base application and upon power up, automatically configures itself for the merchant's location and specific SAM4s ECR.

  • Installs in any environment
  • Less wiring and troubleshooting
  • Sterling can provide remote support
  • Perfect for hard-to-wire locations

Upgrade to Sterling Bridge for online sales reporting

Process with Sterling and take advantage of Sterling Bridge, an online web portal for sales reporting and terminal management.

  • A proprietary online ECR payment and reporting system
  • Delivers online sales reporting to merchants
  • Provides PLU management capabilities
  • Accessible from any internet connected PC
  • Supports single and multi-location merchants
  • Specifically designed for the SAM4s line of ECRs

For more info on Sterling Bridge, click here.

Call our sales department today at 239-693-3800 to get more information.