PAX S300 Integrated EMV Certified Terminal has been teamed up with Sterling Payment Technologies for the last few years to bring you cash registers integrated with credit card terminals with low processing rates. We have several models to choose from to best suit your business needs. Sterling will provide low credit card processing and supply you with either an integrated Datacap or PAX terminal depending on your cash register brand and model. After the sale is made, we still work with you providing FREE LIFETIME tech support on the whole package which includes the cash register and credit card device.

Sign up for processing and take off -$100 on your cash register purchase!

Simply sign up for credit card processing, and we will take $100 off your cash register's purchase price. We partner with top Payment Processors, and we can offer very competitive processing rates with an integrated credit card terminal. On some models we can include an integrated PAX terminal for FREE as shown above in Option 2. We do not charge a rental fee.

Get lower processing rates, a free credit card terminal and take $100 off your purchase price. With all this we still include free lifetime tech support! Cash registers that have the capability to interface with the integrated credit card terminal start at ONLY $279.

If you already have credit card processing... no problem. We can do a rate comparison analysis to save you monthly on processing rates.

To receive this promotion you must first purchase the cash register for the stated online price with a minimum sales price of $399, sign a minimum 1 year contract and process at least $10,000 per month in sales via your cash register. Once your account is set up, and have processed credit cards via the cash register for one month, we will issue a credit for $100 on the credit card you used to make the purchase. Any questions...? Call us direct at 239-693-3800.

Online Reporting 24/7

Now available is Sterling Bridge an online web service facilitating communication between cash register and computer. Sales information from each store is sent live to Sterling's servers for up to the second sales reporting. Log in from a PC or mobile device to watch sales for your store(s) as they happen. View sales by PLU, department, cashier, etc. Many reports and functions available. Plus, store a back-up of your program on the Bridge platform to make changes, and then download those changes to any store you desire. Click here for more info on Sterling Bridge.

Low Rates and Funding

We also team up with Sterling to offer low processing rates for our customers, and a useful program called Sterling Funding. Sterling Funding is a way to get quick capital for starting up, expanding or keeping your business running during slow times. Click here for more info on Sterling Funding.

-------- Product Brochures - Integrated Units --------

  • PAX Integrated Credit/Debit (Broadband w/ Dial-Up Backup)

    PAX Broadband w/ Credit/Debit - Available for Casio models TE-1500, TK-1550, TE-2200 TE-2400, All SE series & V-R100

  • Dial-up Credit Card Processing Unit

    DialTran SL - Standard dial-up credit card terminal w/ mag strip reader

  • Broadband (Cable or DSL) Credit Card Processing Units

    IP Tran - Broadband unit for extremely fast processing speeds

    TwinTran - Broadband w/ Dial-up backup unit for cash register systems