Customer Testimonials

It is our GOAL to strive hard to please our customers by providing them with safe shopping, low costs, variety of products, quick delivery, and dependable service. Many of our customers have voiced their thoughts on how much they have appreciated our service. Listed below are a few of our customers and their experiences with Cash Register Store.

Appreciate doing business with you. When one clicks on a site, one never knows what kind of people are behind the company. Thankfully, I "happened" up on a trustworthy and very helpful one.

Enjoy your day, and thanks for helping make mine a little better.
Randy w/ Key Blooms
Vicksburg, MI

Please let your management know that I appreciate your customer service and that the register comes with lifetime tech support. Since there is no longer register repair techs in our area, or someone to advise on programming questions, it was worth the higher price to order from your company. I wouldn't get that if I ordered from Amazon.
Maria w/ The Community Partnership Resale Shop
Rolla, MO

I work in a residential Hotel in Downtown San Diego, The Plaza Hotel. We do pretty much everything old school, no computer. When our TE-2200 register stopped spooling the journal we just hand spooled it. One of my co-workers said they saw Spool online. I bought it and a few days later it came in and we installed it in the register. It solved the problem. Works perfectly. Saved the boss several hundred dollars in cash register maintenance and repair. Easy to order, arrived in a timely manner, works perfectly. What more could we ask for? Thanks for your assistance!
Greg w/ The Plaza Hotel
San Diego, CA

On behalf of the "Ranch Hands" at the produce stand / country store we want to express the greatest thanks for support of a "tec support" for a product purchased. The expertise for your products you sell is awesome.
Rick w/ The Rock Ranch
The Rock, GA guys are awesome, professional and affordable, and I so appreciate the quick service and affordable postage that you did for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I will keep you in my file when I need other items in the future.
Jeanine w/ Dino's Donuts
Anchorage, AK

I would like to personally thank your staff for the assistance we have received throughout the process of selecting and setting up our new "mini point of sale" system. From the beginning phase of selection all the way to the learning pains of getting it set correctly for our purpose you have been a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

To Jason* in Technical Support - Thank you once again! The invitation extended to you is open whenever you decide to get up our way.
Bob w/ Wolf Run Marina
Clarenton, PA

* Tech support staff names have been changed.

Thank you so much for your quick response. We have been extremely happy with your wonderful service!!!
Jody w/ Hemingwayscapes
Nantucket, MA

Your technicians, Gary* & Joe* were crucial to us in setting up the programming and we are extremely grateful that you have such amazing people there to help those of us who have no idea what programming a cash register begins and or ends! I imagine calls will continue to come from Antigua.
Gayle w/ Castaways
Antigua, West Indies

* Tech support staff names have been changed.

I really like the support I have gotten from you, even from half way across the country.
Therese w/ 1912 Cafe
Freeport, ME

Thank you so much i have been trying to get my till fixed up for about 8 months every body just told me to get a new till so thank you again
Mark w/ The Waratah Hotel
Queensland, Australia

You guys have always been great to work with. Great company, great service.
Elizabeth w/ Buffalo Trace Distillery
Frankfort, KY

I just want to thank you again for your support and helping me with the register system. It seems to be a cool machine (Casio TE-8500) and once I get a hang of it this will be fun to use. It actually exceeds my expectations!
Craig w/ Craig's Cafe
Nagoya University, Japan

Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone at Cash Register Store for all of your help. (Abbey and Joe* in particular) I was nervous to order a cash register online, but have received better support than I ever expected. The free support is amazing! All of my questions were answered on the spot. You guys "rock"! Thanks for everything, I would recommend you to everyone!
Chanhassen, MN

* Tech support staff names have been changed.

I bought 2 Casio TE-2400 last month. I took on the task of programming them myself and ran into several issues with the less than clear operators manual. Josh* in tech services has been unbelievable! His knowledge, support and patience have been one of the best customer service experiences I have had anywhere. He even helped me out on a weekend when we first installed our registers. I would recomend CRS (Cash Register Store) and Josh to everyone who needs their products. What a great experiece. Thanks Josh.
Richard w/ Dine Inc
Corvallis, OR

* Tech support staff names have been changed.

Recently I was working with Keith on Casio QT project for my restaurant, and want to tell you how satisfied I am. He answered all my questions and there were a million of them, gave me detailed explanation of every feature of the product, contacted different departments to find the best solution for me, not mentioning quick respond and friendly conversation.
Nadya w/ Hotpoint Cafe
Raleigh, NC

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how helpful one of your sales/service people was today. Raul* called our facililty - Decatur County Memorial Hospital & talked with me about our choice of register. He took the time to allow me to explain what functions we needed the register to perform & he recommended changing our order to a newer model with more options for approximately the same price. I think that it is valuable to your staff to make sure the customer understands what they are buying and the future utility/capability for growth of that product. Raul didn't have to call us to make sure we were aware the model number we had requested was an older model with less potential for growth as technology changes - but he did it anyway. In a day and age where you rarely see such customer service, I thought it was important to acknowledge this.

Thank you & please take the time to Thank Raul as well.
Denise Fields
Greensburg, IN

* Tech support staff names have been changed. product got to the Freight Forwarder in record time...thanks for doing such superb business
Althea Stortz

I recently contacted your company from a website I found. I had been trying very unsuccessfully to purchase a new computer for my Samsung cash register. I had tried for over two months to purchase it and no one, even the company that manufacturers the register, would assist me with this. One of your employees was very quick to assist me with this and I would just like to send a huge thanks to him and to you for having someone employed at your company that is willing to help.
Springfield, OH

Thanks for your FAST and friendly service!
Laura w/ Pioneer College Caterers
Nashville, TN

We have been so satisfied with your product and excellent service..., we are purchasing our second register from you. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!
Ben w/ Jefferson Pharmacy
Lake Hopatcong, NJ

I recently sent an email needing help to program our new register. I couldn't believe the quick response I received! Within 20 minutes of sending the email, I received a phone call from one of your techs. Another 20 minutes and my cash register was in business. If someone would have told me before that I could purchase a cash register at a great savings and get service besides by purchasing on the internet I would have found it hard to believe.

Thank you so much and also thank you to the great service person that helped me!
Rock River, WY

Hey finally I got around to send you some wine. I hope you enjoy it. Anyway thanks again for all your help and support all these years.
Ralph w/ Marco & Pepe
Jersey City, NJ

I have already received the cash registers. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Julie Feng
Aruba, Netherlands Antilles

I really like the new cash register. Although it took a while to work out all the programming kinks, it is working just fine and the remote kitchen printer has helped to eliminate errors in order preparation. Thanks for your recommendation of that model, (Casio TK-6500).
Patsy w/ Jimmi Bees
St. Thomas, USVI

I recently purchaced a wet cover for my customer from you and thank you for your promt service with that item.
Ron Dykes
New Zealand

I am very pleased with the ease and informative way my purchase went. Thank you for making it happen.
Long Beach, CA

I would like to take this opportunity to thank...the service department who helped us with technical issues during off peak hours on Christmas eve. I would definitely recommend other customers to for future business. We have a Samsung ER-650.
Paresh & Bob
Charlotte, NC

Your customer service skills are exemplary! Thank you for making my shopping experience a pleasant one.

...I wanted to say 'thanks' for your speedy service. Now that i know of your site...I'll keep it handy.