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Cash Register / POS Supplies

Cash Register / POS Supplies

Listed below are links to ink ribbons & paper rolls for Casio, Sam4s / Samsung, Sharp, Royal, Omron, Epson, Sanyo and TEC cash registers.

Please choose from the appropriate link below to find the correct paper rolls and ink ribbons / cartridges / cassettes for your cash register.

If you do not find your cash register manufacturer listed on this page, please contact us for availability.


  • Ink ribbons come in purple and contain 6 ribbons to 1 pack.
  • All paper is sold in 50 roll packs unless otherwise noted.
  • We sell only high quality bonded paper.
  • High quality Dupont nylon ribbons assembled in USA.

Compare OUR paper vs BIG BOX stores:

At big box stores average 57/58mm thermal paper at 80' per roll in 9 pack for $17.49 = $1.94/roll.
At CashRegisterStore.com get 57/58mm thermal paper at 230' per roll in 50 rolls at $69.00 = $1.38/roll.

Note our rolls are 320' vs 80' at big box stores. Get 2.5x as much paper per roll!
In reality you are paying on average $4.85 per roll at BIG BOX stores for the same amount of paper we sell!!!

Plus, more paper per roll = less interruption of sales to change rolls, and extended printer life due to less wear and tear by changing out paper rolls more frequently.

Cash Register Supplies by Manufacturer

Please choose your cash register manufacturer from the list below: