Sam4s SAP-6600II Android Terminal

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  • $1199.00
  • Android based. Enjoy stability, reliability and many high POS features for a lower cost of ownership.
  • Major features include: Multi-menu management, employee time keeping / pay scales, inventory stock, ingredient/recipe list, label printing, report exporting to PDF and Excel, plus many more features.
  • Includes 2 year warranty with NEXT DAY EXCHANGE
  • You own it with no recurring monthly fees
  • Use your own credit card processing
  • Includes 90 days free tech support! Use our competitive credit card processing, and get FREE lifetime tech support!

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Sam4s SAP-6600II Advantages over other POS systems

  • Lower upfront and long range costs
  • Access remotely via Team Viewer to monitor sales, make adjustments to program, etc
  • Cross market appeal: restaurants, convenience, liquor, pizza, pharmacy, grocery, etc
  • Full featured: complex menu screens, employee time keeping and pay scales, inventory management, label printing, setup table locations, export sales reports via PDF/XLS, Access with Team Viewer, etc
  • Security (NOT Windows based, Android provides a secure software platform)
  • Includes 90 days free tech support! Use our competitive credit card processing, and get FREE lifetime tech support!
  • Includes 2 year warranty with NEXT DAY EXPRESS EXCHANGE

No Recurring Fees

You purchase the terminal outright and are the owner of the Sam4s SAP-6600II with all its sales data. There are no recurring rental or support fees. Have TOTAL CONTROL over your cash management system. With most POS products, when you obtain it, you must either accept their credit card processing, pay recurring rental / suport fees for the POS product, and generally you do not own the sales data in your system. Your sales data is property of the POS company and/or the credit card processor. With the Sam4s SAP-6600II you are the sole owner of the hardware, your sales data, and the price you pay is all up front.

General Info

The elegant and powerful SAP-6600II fanless terminal is ideal for harsh environments like table service restaurants, pizza, quick service restaurants, bakeries, industrial shop floors and many more. 

Convience, liquor, grocery and other retail locations can benefit from the SAP-6600II. Other features included targeted for convenience and retail are food stamp tendering, mix and match pricing (BOGO), bottle deposit, age verification, stock/inventory management, and time keeping.

On Screen Manager and Program Access

Access manager and programming functions intuitively through menus and on-screen options. Programming and editing can be accomplished without referring to manuals. Managers may easily view report data and quickly adjust to changing conditions.

Remote Access and Exporting of Reports

  • Login with Team Viewer to access, make programming changes, view reports, monitor live sales
  • Upload sales reports to a Gmail account
  • FTP sales reports
  • Export reports in PDF and Excel format

Supports Popular POS Peripherals and System Options

Each SAM4POS Terminal can support popular system devices including cash drawer, kitchen printer, coin dispenser, scale,
pole display, kitchen video, video surveillance, UPC scanner, liquor dispenser and Datacap Tran™ semi-integrated credit.

Start-up / Power Consumption

The Android POS operating system results in a boot-up time faster than PC based solutions available today. Compared to conventional PC based systems, first-time system configuration is also much easier and faster to set-up for a new operator. The SAP-6600II hardware platform consumes considerably less power than a conventional PC based system, requiring only 21 watts on full power and 4.1 watts in stand-by mode. This is a saving of over than 85% when compared to most PC based systems. With electricity costs’ rising faster than ever before, this is a significant cost savings to both the independent store owner, and the national operator with a large chain.

Internal Advantages

This leading edge, state of the art Android technology on the SAP-6600II POS terminal provides resellers the added advantages of reliability (no hard drive, no cooling fan and running off flash ROM technology), flexibility (embedded and open platform software applications) and security (Android provides a secure software platform).

Programming must be purchased when ordering the SAP-6600II. Average programming price is $399. Please call 239-693-3800 for details.

Sam4s SAP-6600II Hardware Brochure

Sam4s SAP-6600II Software Brochure

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The following video presents the SAP-6600 external and hardware features.

The following video demonstrates how to make table maps in the SAP-6600

The following video demonstrates how to email reports in the SAP-6600

Instructional video on how to manage the employee screen

Software Features

  • Android based operating system
  • Customize system with various printers, customer displays, barcode scanners, credit card interface, coin dispenser, etc
  • Easy to use intuitive screen
  • Management control levels to limit and grant access to various features
  • Scan over 60,000 items
  • EBT food stamp capable (no WIC)
  • Age verification (manual entry or swipe driver's license)
  • Bottle deposit (CRV)
  • Mix and Match pricing (BOGO, 3 for 2, etc)
  • Inventory stock keeping with low stock report warning
  • Maintain Ingredient, recipe and product mix information
  • Print barcode labels with price
  • Extensive and customizable reporting
  • Employee hour and wage reporting.
  • Calendar reporting
  • Ability to e-mail net sales reports to Gmail account
  • Export reports in PDF and Excel
  • Access terminal via Team Viewer
  • Download Android apps and navigate internet. (access set by manager control)
  • Connect multiple units

Hardware Features

  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) Operating System
  • 64 GB solid state drive, 2GB RAM
  • 15” 15" LCD with Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) – PCT is Inherently Faster, More Reliable and Robust
  • Ports: 1 Ethernet, 2 USB, 4 serial ports, 1 VGA
  • Uses USB stick for program backup
  • Reliability (no hard drive, no cooling fan and runs on flash ROM technology)
  • Flash memory. Never lose program or reports
  • Flexibility (embedded and open platform software applications)
  • Security (Android provides a secure software platform)
  • Intel Braswell Celeron N3160 Quad Core Fanless Processor
  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) Operating System
  • Stylish 15" LCD with Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) – 
  • PCT is Inherently Faster, More Reliable and Robust
  • Vivid LED Backlight for Reliability and Energy Savings
  • Standard Card Reader, Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Energy Efficient and Low Heat Generation Architecture
  • Fanless Operation – No Problematic Ventilation Holes
  • Meets IP55 Standards for Exposure to Dust – Water Proof Front Panel
  • Superior Serviceability and Ease of Installation


    • Weight
      17 lbs
    • SKU
  • MPN
  • PLUs
    60,000 PLU's
  • Departments
  • Clerks
  • Age Verification
  • Mix & Match ( Ex: 2 for 1 )
  • Food Stamp Function
  • Guest Check Tracking
  • Operator Display
    15" LCD with LED backlighting
    Adjustable electric tilt
  • Cash Drawer
    Optional add-on:
    5 bill / 5 coin full size metal drawer
    Connect up to 2 drawers max
  • Printer Type
    Optional add-on:
    Integrated high speed thermal printer
  • Keyboard Type
    Touch Screen Panel
  • Interface Ports
    1 Ethernet port, 2 USB port, 4 RS232 serial ports, 1 VGA port and up to2 drawer ports
  • Scanning Capability
  • Credit Card Interface
  • Coin Changer Connectivity
  • Remote Printer Connectivity
  • PC Connectivity
    Export reports via PDF/Excel, Access with Team Viewer
  • Voltage
    International voltage: Operates from 100 up to 240 volt
  • Memory Card Backup
    Internal flash memory
    USB slot for program backup/re-load/transfer
  • Weight
    13 lbs | 5.9 kilos
  • Dimensions
    Inches: 14 7/8" (W) x 10" (D) x 14 1/4" (H)
    Metric: 376 (W) x 254(D) x 362(H)
  • SKU
  • Manufacturer
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